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Here are some of our highlighted transportation projects.

Traffic Engineering, Planning & Design

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering focuses on the operations of roads, streets, highways, and their networks. As traffic engineers, SA works to maintain the efficient movement of people and goods while ensuring the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike. Existing transportation systems and development providing access to/from roadway networks must be analyzed to determine their various impacts to both traffic operations and safety.

The SA engineering staff has provided traffic engineering services for over 1,000 development projects in over 200 municipalities throughout every county in the State of New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our firm provides traffic engineering services to both private developers and public entities. Traffic engineering services include:

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Trip Generation Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Traffic Simulations / Modeling
  • Origin / Destination Analysis
  • Accident Evaluations / Diagramming
  • Traffic Signal Timing Optimization
  • Roadway Corridor Analysis
  • Progression Analysis
  • Internal Capture Rates
  • Queue & Gap Analysis
  • Vehicle Speed Evaluations
  • Auxiliary Lane Warranting
  • Roadway Safety Evaluations
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Evaluations
  • Traffic Signal Warranting
  • Use Variance Justification
  • Expert Testimony

Transportation Planning

Transportation planning focuses on the coordination between land use and transportation systems that influences traffic patterns and demands. As transportation planners, SA plans and evaluates the interactivity between various transportation facilities including roadways, mass transit, parking, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Much like traffic engineering, mobility and safety are of the highest importance. However, transportation planning also emphasizes the importance of energy conservation and the environment through encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

The SA engineering staff has provided transportation planning services to municipalities, as well as for large-scale private developments such as planned commercial developments, transit-oriented villages, entertainment venues, and sports stadiums. Transportation planning services include:

  • Master Planning
  • Traffic Redistribution
  • General Development Plans
  • Traffic Growth Projections
  • Redevelopment Plans
  • Design Alternative Analysis
  • Roadway Classification
  • Mass Transit Evaluations
  • Traffic / Access Management Plans
  • Guide / Directional Signage Evaluations
  • Fair Share Contribution Analysis
  • Traffic Calming
  • Guide Rail Warranting
  • Evacuation Route Planning

Traffic Signal Design / Roadway & Intersection Improvements

Traffic design is an important element of both traffic engineering and transportation planning. As traffic design engineers, SA designs the layout and configuration of traffic control devices, roadway operation devices, and parking facilities. We understand the importance of flexibility in design, while maintaining the necessary mobility and safety for all possible roadway users.

The SA engineering staff has provided traffic design services to private developers, municipalities, counties, and public utilities. Traffic design services include:

  • Traffic Signal & Electrical Plans
  • Signage & Striping Plans
  • Traffic Control & Detour Plans
  • Vehicle Turning Analysis
  • Sight Distance Analysis
  • As-Built Plans
  • Roadway Improvement Plans
  • Roundabout Design
  • Guide Rail Design
  • Conceptual Geometric Plans
  • Parking Lot Layouts
  • Access Design
  • Intersection Improvement Plans
  • Lighting Design
  • Quantity & Cost Estimates
  • Overhead Wiring Clearances
  • Plan Specifications

Parking Studies

Parking is another important element of both traffic engineering and transportation planning. Parking facilities enable the interaction between transporation systems and land use. As traffic engineers and transportation planners, SA evaluates layout, operations, and supply of parking facilities to maintain safety and mobility both within the development the facility serves and the adjacent transportation system. We understand the importance of providing roadway users with safe and convenient access to/from their vehicles, while adhering to standards of the governing body and physical site constraints.

The SA engineering staff has provided parking services for over 500 private development and public projects throughout the State of New Jersey. These projects have included various types of parking facilities including parking garages, metered parking, on-street parking, valet parking, etc. Parking services include:

  • Supply / Demand Analysis
  • Shared Parking Analysis
  • Parking Variance Justification
  • Design Waivers
  • Parking Management Plans
  • Valet Parking Operations
  • Public Parking Guide Signage
  • Emergency Vehicle Access
  • ADA Requirements
  • Delivery / Loading Operations
  • Drive-Thru Lane Analysis
  • Parking Circulation

Access Permitting

In addition to techinical analyses and report and plan preparation, SA coordinates the submission of permit applications to NJDOT and PennDOT for developments requiring access to a State highway. The type of permit application required varies from project to project, as does the level of coordination necessary to obtain an NJDOT Access Permit or PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit.

The SA engineering staff has coordinated the submission of hundreds of permit applications to NJDOT and PennDOT for developments proposing anything from changing the land use of an existing building, to realigning a street intersection and installing a traffic signal. Access permit services include:

  • Driveway Openings / Closings
  • Scope of Study Analysis
  • Street Intersections
  • Lot Conformance Analysis
  • Waiver Requests
  • Land Use Changes

Data Collection

Accurate data reflecting typical conditions of a transportation system are necessary in order to provide accurate analysis of the operating conditions. SA has the capabilities of recording many different variables at intersections, along roadways, within parking facilities, etc. Data collection services include:

  • Vehicle Turning Movements
  • Daily Bi-Directional Traffic Volumes
  • Parking Supply / Demand
  • Trip Purpose Surveys
  • Vehicle Speeds / Classification
  • Queue Lengths & Gaps
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Movements
  • Roadway Video Logging
  • Roadway Sign Inventory
  • Traffic Signal Inspection
  • Trip Generation
  • Seat Belt Usage Surveys

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